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Relief From Pinched Nerves

Pinched nerves can be DEBILITATING!! Having pressure on a nerve is a condition that can change the course of your day and possibly your life! Dr. Dickason understands how painful this can be for patients as he has personally experienced the feeling of a pinched nerve and understands that you need relief QUICK! The first step is to perform a thorough evaluation to determine what is causing the pinched nerve. If necessary, Dr. Dickason has on-site digital x-rays to help him determine what is causing the pinched nerve. Once it is determined what is causing the pressure on the nerve, Dr. Dickason will decide on what is the proper Chiropractic technique in order to get you the fastest and most effective results possible! The research shows that hands on chiropractic techniques applied in the proper manner are the most effective techniques to get the fastest relief. These techniques are faster than instrument based techniques. Dr. Dickason also has nutritional protocols in his office that are able to reduce the inflammation on the nerve two times faster than NSAIDs!!

For a nerve to become "pinched" and to alter its ability to transmit normal messages it only requires the pressure of 10mm of mercury. This is a very small amount of pressure that can dramatically affect your nerves and how you feel and function. This pinching most commonly occurs at the spine where the spinal nerves exit the vertebra.

Dr. Clint Dickason D.C. can properly evaluate your condition if you believe you have a pinched nerve and determine if you are a candidate for safe, conservative Chiropractic care. He will perform a through orthopedic, neurological and palpatory examination to see if you have a pinched nerve that is caused by a subluxation.