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Auto Accidents - Upset Stomach

Upset stomach and nausea from a car accident is common. Expert Chiropractic care can alleviate your discomfort. The occurrences brought on by an upset stomach can be a painful and embarrassing issue, but it is also a sign that something is altering the normal function of your digestive system. Elimination, detoxification and absorbing nutrients from food are just some of the digestive functions that take place daily. When misalignment and imbalance occur caused by the strong force of an auto accident you may experience pain, discomfort and even deceased range of motion. However, misalignments affect function in more than just pain and discomfort of the head, neck and back. Misalignment can even disrupt the normal function of organs and body systems you may not have thought about. You see this type of imbalance not only causes disarray to structure, but through decreased communication, of the nervous system, can agitate the function of organs and body systems throughout the body.