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Auto Accidents - Pins & Needles in the Arms or Legs

Pins and needles is a common complaint after an auto accident. Dr. Clint Dickason can improve your health with Chiropractic Care. Subluxation (misalignment) is very commonly found in the spines of auto accident victims. So much can happen during the impact of an accident with incredible force on your body’s structure. Numbness and tingling, which can also be referred to as pins and needles, can occur anywhere, but are commonly experienced in the arms, legs, fingers or toes. This undesirable sensation is a sign that your body may not have appropriate communication flowing through your nerve network. At Dickason Chiropractic we help you restore that connection and as a result your body can communicate more efficiently; as it was designed. The Chiropractic adjustment removes interference allowing your body to return to a place of balance and healing. The connection must come before the communication and that only happens when you are in alignment.