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Auto Accidents - Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is extremely common after a car accident. Dr. Clint Dickason can help you feel better at Dickason Chiropractic in Castle Rock, CO. Minor auto accidents can be just enough to jolt your body with a tremendous amount of force causing misalignment in your nervous system. The area of the lower spine will produce painful symptoms if the joints in this region are strained or misaligned (subluxation). Even if you are not a highly active person lower back pain can greatly reduce your daily movement and quality of life. Because of this imbalance many people have suffered from reduced physical activity, loss of sleep, dull ache, stabbing or shooting pain, and loss of the ability to stand upright. Chiropractic care involves analysis of the regions of your spine to detect subluxation and correct misalignment and imbalance. Through the correction of a misalignment you may enjoy a restoration of physical movement, comfort, pain relief, and balance in the nervous system for overall optimization and function toward healing. Return to the activities you love most, and for some it just may be sitting down or standing up without pain.