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Auto Accident Back Pain

When a person is in a car accident it is an immediate inconvenience to everyone involved in the accident. Whether it is a single car crash or a multi vehicle pileup on the freeway you can still suffer great harm and injury. Most people think that the damage done to their vehicle directly relates to the amount of damage done to their physical body. This is not true! Every accident and every person that was involved in the accident are different and need to have their individual needs addressed. For example, most people that have been involved in a motor vehicle collision will not need emergency room type of treatment, but will have some very serious health issues that will need to be taken care of. The emergency room is great at handling life threatening injuries. However, if the patient's life is not at risk, they will likely deem the patient “ready for dismissal” with a simple sprain/strain injury diagnosis or whiplash. The vast majority of the people dismissed from the E.R. as being "fine" or "okay" will have some serious health issues/symptoms and may actually have some level of permanent disability from the accident. When you have been in a MVA, there are many things that could be in need of repair in terms of NeuroMuscularSkeletal disorders, and when these conditions are not treated by a Chiropractor, a Healthcare Provider that knows how to properly diagnosis and treat a patient that has had physical injuries due to a car accident, they could result in bigger problems down the road; such as impotency, chronic pain, headaches, hearing, seeing, breathing difficulties, chronic face pain, constipation, fibromyalgia, numbness or weakness in the arms or legs, etc. These patients require a Chiropractor that specializes in NeuroMuscularSkeletal disorders in order to help these patients receive the care they need and deserve.

Injuries that can occur due to a Car Accident can include but are not limited to; whiplash, neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, numbness and/or tingling in the arms and/or legs, headaches, radiating pain, concussion like symptoms, concussions, nausea, upset stomach, migraines, constipation, loss of balance, difficulty walking, stabbing and/or shooting pain, knee pain, ankle pain, foot pain, dizziness, hearing loss, and impaired vision are the most commonly seen complaints.

Dr. Dickason will conduct a thorough evaluation and examination in order to properly evaluate your condition and best determine your best course of care. The hope is that this course of care will start with conservative care and utilize more invasive interventions on as needed basis. Dr. Dickason has some great relationships with some of the top healthcare providers in the Denver area and refers patients as necessary. Dr. Dickason is a strong believer in least invasive to most invasive, if needed. Chiropractic first, drugs second, and surgery absolutely last!

Knowing that a car accident can cause all of the above symptoms; time is of the essence for these patients because the longer that one waits to receive the proper care the greater the likelihood of lifetime suffering and/or disability. Even with the proper care a MVA patient may suffer some level of disability and/or life long suffering, it is very important that these patients receive the best healthcare possible within the proper time frame. The Croft Guidelines are a standard of care followed for people involved in Motor Vehicle Accidents. These guidelines state that chronicity of injuries can start at 12 months out of an accident. At Dickason Chiropractic we have seen numerous patients more than 1 year after their accident still able to get good to great results with the care we offer. Dr. Dickason uses state of the art chiropractic techniques that are able to stimulate the body in order to start and complete the healing process. He also has past experience as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist that he uses to design and teach exercises for each patient to do in the office and at home. These exercises will help to ensure that his patients will have the absolute best road to recovery. At Dickason Chiropractic, we work with all insurance companies, attorneys, and 3rd party payers. Dr. Dickason works hard to keep the patients best interests in mind, with regards to their health needs and their financial concerns. Call today in order to schedule your evaluation with Dr. Dickason to see if he can help you!