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Wellness Care

Our healthcare is shifting to focus more on preventing problems before they start for numerous reasons including financial costs and success rate. This is very apparent with the chronic degenerative diseases that plague humans in these modern times like diabetes, heart disease and cancer. These diseases are hard and expensive to overcome once diagnosed with them so prevention is the only real avenue left to fight them. This concept is catching on like wildfire as younger generations are painfully watching the health of their loved ones deteriorate and they have to stand by and watch helplessly. This is where Wellness and Preventative Care comes into play! Being proactive with your health is a smart investment in your most valuable possession, you and your body!

The idea of using Chiropractic for Wellness and Prevention actually has been around since the early 1920's when Dr. Henry Windsor MD performed his famous autopsy studies in an effort to further study the claims that pressure on the nerves coming out of the spine would impair internal organ function. Dr. Windsor found an almost 100% correlation with pinched nerves in the spine and the diseased organs in the body. To simply explain his findings is that if the person had passed away from Lung Disease he found misaligned vertebra in the upper thoracic spine or upper back where the nerve supply for the lungs comes from! His research and many others that followed him performing similar studies proves that Chiropractic is a great asset to anyone looking for wellness care!

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