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Patient Testimonials of Dickason Chiropractic - Castle Rock, CO

"I have used several chiropractors over time and Clint listened better and focused on my needs better than anyone. My wife had a bad experience with a previous chiropractor and after some convincing she visited Dr. Dickason. She says she feels better all the time after only three visits!" -Peter Smith

"If you are thinking about getting an adjustment with Clint Dickason, you might just be making one of the most important decisions for your overall well-being for the rest of your life. Clint is unlike any other chiropractor I have met. I have had multiple back injuries caused by motorcycle accidents, and because of it I've seen a dozen chiropractors over the years. The damage I had caused was severe, but with Clint's knowledge of the spine, diet, and exercise, he was able to give me hope again. That hope has turned into success. If you are living with back pain I highly recommend a visit to see Dr. Clint Dickason. I have never met someone who cares more about you feeling better, and getting better than this man. He is on a mission for your health to drastically improve, and I think you will notice it immediately upon meeting him for your first adjustment" - Jared Miller

"I am the mother of two, and the wife of a police officer. Dr. Clint has helped me manage my stress and health for 4 years now. My neck has always been my biggest issue, along with anxiety. He helps me through it ALL with regular adjustments and recommendations. My family of 4 has weekly adjustments…my 4 year old and 10 year old, too! 3 years of every illness being taken care of naturally with Dr. D. Only well-check visits with their ped…no antibiotics, etc. AMAZING! This family is thankful for Dickason Chiropractic!!!!" -Noelle Hayden

"I started seeing Dr. Dickason a few years ago for neck and shoulder pain. He was able to help my shoulder pain completely, it was acute. My neck pain is ongoing, caused by my sleeping position at night. I see Dr. Dickason once a week for my neck pain and overall health. My weekly adjustments allow me to move more freely and helps my neck and back pain from everyday activities. Dr. Dickason has always been helpful with nutrition and fitness questions. He has saved me from chronic pain! I would recommend him to anyone with pain of any kind. Thank you Dr. Dickason!" - Amy Dublin

"Dr. Clint has helped me with chronic low back and wrist problems. I tend to be sore frequently. I also got sick a ton. I have had a lowered immune system since my breast cancer and I feel like I do not get as sick as much as before." -Julie Lurz

"Dr. Dickason has been a true God send. I've need to see a chiropractor 3x's per week do get lower back relief – but financially, this was not possible. Dr. Dickason made this possible for me – works with my budget. My lower back ( and neck ) are so much better. He is truly passionate about his patients. This makes such a difference." -Jennifer Darwin

"After my first adjustment my sleep improved. I woke up more refreshed and had deeper sleep" -Bill Garner"

I had brain surgery 2 years ago due to a condition called Chiari Malformation. Since the surgery I experienced neck and shoulder pain daily. The only thing that would help the pain was flexeril, advil and aleve. I started coming to Dickason Chiropractic a month ago and have not had to take a single pain pill. Pain is GONE!" -Shelby Hill

"I had been feeling miserable for a little over 2 years - headaches, MAJOR insomnia, depression, memory issues, ADD, aches and pains, arthritis in both wrists and thumbs as well as nausea, heart burn, diarrhea and shortness of breath - in other words , I was a MESS! I am 61 years old and with most of my relatives living into their 80's and 90's - one even into her 100's, this acceptable. My friend Melody had been talking about Dr. Dickason for a while. Finally, after scheduling a cortisone shot in my right wrist for a Monday, I went to see Dr. Dickason. He took x-rays of my neck which is curving shape - between Phase 2 and Phase 3 of Lumbar Degeneration. We discussed a plan and got to work - **AND HERE'S THE FASCINATING PART** - my biggest issue with my C1- the vertebra that pretty much connects the brain stem to the head to the spine. (The very part of the spine that Christopher Reed broke in his riding accident.) Every symptom I have is controlled by the C-1. WOW! I've been to 5 different chiropractors before Dr. Dickason - none of them found this. He told me we had a long road in front of us, that I shouldn't expect miracles and that he'd call me that evening to see how I was doing. When I got home from the adjustment, the first thing I did was cancel the cortisone shot - 6 weeks later I haven't need to reschedule it. I don't think I ever will. When Dr. Dickason called to ask how I was doing, I said, "I could see." Because I actually could see better. I had, had miraculous results I'm feeling better than I have in 20 years! Not every day is perfect, and we're adding exercise and diet modifications into the mix, but Dr. Dickason is guiding me in an incredible lifestyle and health turn-around that I believe will lengthen my life and, better than that - has already improved the quality of my life! Truly, Dickason Chiropractic is fulfilling their mission of serving patients with Integrity, Honesty and Commitment - Improving our Health So we can realize our God - given potential. Hallelujah!!!" - Barb Rohrer

"I have seen numerous chiropractors over the years and not one of them has helped me with my pain issues until I started going to Dr. Dickasons. I literally came in with a walker after a fall down stairs and walked out on my own. If that isn't the best testimony I don't know what is. The man has worked miracles with me and I refer him to anyone with issues such as mine. Both my husband and I love him! We will never go to anyone else. We feel blessed to have found him." - Karen Rodenheiser "When I first started my care with Dr. Dickason, I was having numbness from shoulder to finger tips 24/7. After a few adjustments that pain was gone. I now come once a week to maintain my overall health. I have not had any significant illness since starting my chiropractic care - I appreciate the advice I receive on how to take better care of myself through several nutritional supplements." -Carolyn Andrews

"I came to Dr. Dickason after I had my third child. I had bi-lateral tendonitis in my wrists. I couldn't throw a ball, pick up my kids etc. After physical therapy, 3 rounds of cortisone shots, the next option was surgery (according to the doctor). I knew there had to be another option. I gave Dr. Dickason a shot and within 2.5 months I had no more issues and haven't since 2010. I believe in chiropractic and am so thankful for all Dr. Dickason has provided for me and my family" - Michelle Becker

"I've been seeing Dr. Dickason for 3 years. I am a firm believer in regular chiropractic care. I feel that Dr. Dickason is responsive to any specific needs I have. I also feel like he does a very thorough job of assessing my spine for adjustment on a week to week basis. I've never felt consistently better than I do now, and would recommend him to anyone for their chiropractic needs." - Jason Becker

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