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Relief From Pinched Nerves

A pinched nerve can happen when a vertebra, a bone in the spine, losses its proper position. This condition of a vertebra, that losses its proper position is called a subluxation in medical terminology. Depending on what type of nerve is pinched or compromised will determine the symptoms that you experience when this happens. If the sensory nerves are pinched then pain will be experienced. This pain may be a sharp stabbing or shooting pain, a burning sensation, or a numbness and tingling sensation. If a motor nerve is pinched then muscle spasms or weakness will be present. If the motor nerve is pinched for long periods of time atrophy or shrinkage of the muscle may be experienced. If the autonomic nerves are pinched then internal organ dysfunction is most commonly noted such as constipation, indigestion, or insomnia are just a few symptoms that are possible.

For a nerve to become "pinched" and to alter its ability to transmit normal messages it only requires the pressure of 10mm of mercury. This is a very small amount of pressure that can dramatically affect your nerves and how you feel and function. This pinching most commonly occurs at the spine where the spinal nerves exit the vertebra.

Dr. Clint Dickason D.C. can properly evaluate your condition if you believe you have a pinched nerve and determine if you are a candidate for safe, conservative Chiropractic care. He will perform a through orthopedic, neurological and palpatory examination to see if you have a pinched nerve that is caused by a subluxation.

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