140 S Wilcox St., Unit D
Castle Rock, CO 80104

Family Chiropractic Care in Castle Rock, CO

Dickason Chiropractic has a great variety of patients that receive care in our office. In age, this can range from the very young to the very old. Chiropractic is a great avenue for healthcare for the whole family because almost everyone can receive benefits from the Adjustment. With knowing numerous different techniques, Dr. Dickason can tailor the adjustment to a person's particular needs, age or body type.

Also person does not have to have a complaint in order to seek out Chiropractic Care; this is called Wellness Care or Preventative Care. This would be like changing the oil in your car or the filter in your furnace before there is a problem. We have been taught maintenance or prevention on our cars and homes but not on the one and only human body that you will have while you are here! Take care of your incredible body and teach your family to do the same by having everyone checked for the devastating causes of vertebral subluxations.

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