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Preferred Supplements

Wuji Organic Chlorella

Chlorella is an organic whole food supplement supplying your body with minerals, vitamins, chlorophyll, essential fatty acids and all of the amino acids, making it a complete plant protein. The average American diet is deficient in many nutrients needed to grow and sustain a healthy body; taking Chlorella is a great addition to fulfill the nutritional gap.

Benefits include:
- Help Improve Energy Levels
- Support Purifying and Detoxing the Body
- Aid Proper Digestion
- Supports Colin Health with relieving Constipation
- Promote Brain Wellness
- Improves Overall Nutrition
- Promotes Cardiovascular Health
- Supports Joint and Muscle Health
- Immune System Support and Strengthener
- Improving Quality of Life

Wuji Organic Spirulina also available!

Lems Shoes

The foot is closely interconnected with the health of the entire body. When the foot is used properly the whole body benefits.

Stronger feet directly result in:
- Increased tolerance of impact & work loads
- Increased threshold of standing & working fatigue
- Built-in immunity to foot disorders
- Correct posture
- Lower back relief
- Alleviate knee pressure
- Stronger calf muscles
- Increase Achilles tendon flexibility
- Wider range of motion


Standard Process

When we supply our bodies with adequate nutrition and get adjusted regularly, something wonderful happens; our body has an innate ability to heal itself and often does! In order to remain healthy we need to eat a healthy, move our bodies and properly support our bodies by taking a whole food supplement to fill the nutritional gap. Our food supply is vastly depleted of many nutrients, vitamins and minerals needed to sustain a healthy lifestyle. That is why we offer our patients the best in whole food supplements on the market, Standard Process. Standard Process offers a superb whole food supplement for every deficiency to provide you with optimal nutrition for amazing health.


Xymogen (Zy-mo-gen)

Meticulous ingredient selection, potency, purity, manufacturer certifications (GMP, NPA, TGA), independent third-party analysis, and clinical studies; these are but a few of the measures XYMOGEN requires to ensure the consistent quality and effectiveness of our formulas. Prodcuts Available:
- Fish Oil
- Probiotic
- Vitamin D
- Food Enzymes


Yumbana Gourmet Gluten Free Bakery

Home of the High Peak Nutrition Cookie-Formulated by Dr. Dickason and Chris Lehn, owner of Yumbana


Dreamacres Ranch

Raw,Unfiltered Honey

Nature's Sunshine


Redmond Earth Paste

Natural toothpaste



Providing a Healthier Phone Experience



Coconut Oil, Hemp Seed, Chia Seed, Coconut Manna, Hemp Protein


Toe Sox


Correct Toes



Dynamic Greens


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