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What To Do When You are in a Car Accident

A car accident is a horrible thing to have to experience and the aftermath of the accident can be very overwhelming. We understand this problem and want to help you along in the process of getting life back to normal or as normal as possible. Below are some steps that will help make this process of recovering from the accident much easier! Here is what to do when you are in a car accident:

Automobile Accident Checklist

  1. Stay calm to help prevent the accident from getting worse
  2. Call 911, if appropriate and provide emergency aid, if qualified
  3. Try to alert other vehicles that they are about to come up on a auto accident, i.e. orange triangles or flares is available
  4. Gather everyone's information! Write down every driver's information; Name, address, phone number, driver's license number, insurance company and agent, and policy number that was involved and every witness that was present at the time of the accident.
  5. Call your Chiropractor! Patients that get properly evaluated and start care ASAP after the accident get the best results.
  6. Call your insurance company as soon as things have settled down from the accident. This is something you can do later that day; it does not need to be done on the scene.
  7. Check for signs of Whiplash for yourself and any passengers; these signs and symptoms may not come on right after the accident so keep an eye on your health for the upcoming weeks to make sure you didn't suffer an injury from the accident.

At Dickason Chiropractic we will not only help you with feeling better with the care that you need and deserve but we will also help you with others aspects of your situation such as verify insurance benefits and/or work with your attorney. With auto accidents there are usually multiple payers for the situation and we know how to properly verify all the payers and make sure that you are allowed to focus on the most important thing, healing!

Laws in Colorado and Utilizing an Attorney

If you have been injured in an auto accident there are some laws that help to protect you and regain your life. In Colorado, as of August 11, 2010 there is the "Make Whole Law". This law is designed to help people who have been in an auto accident by making the insurance company give them full compensation for all the damages that were incurred.

Also in June of 2008 there were changes to require drivers to carry Medpay benefits or to knowingly sign them away. These Med pay benefits are a benefit from your insurance company that can be used to pay for any type of medical care. Using these benefits starts a non-rate able claim with your insurance company; meaning that your rates cannot go up if you use these benefits. The minimum in Colorado is $5,000 and an individual can choose to purchase more if desired.

Some patients choose to utilize an attorney to help with their case. This is a case by case situation. Some accidents are very straight forward and do not require legal help to settle the claim while other cases can become very complex and the services of an attorney are very helpful. A good attorney will represent your best health interests and work as a mediator between you and the insurance companies. Dickason Chiropractic has worked with numerous attorneys and has found that certain attorneys do better with certain type of cases, while other legal offices do better with other types of cases.

Please know that we are a chiropractic office and do not offer legal advice and highly suggest that you seek legal advice for further information on these laws and how they can benefit you.

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