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Auto Accident Chiropractic Care in Castle Rock, CO

Dr. Clint Dickason of Dickason Chiropractic in Castle Rock, CO specializes in auto injuries or injuries received from a car accident or any other type of motor vehicle accident. If you are involved in a motor vehicle accident and experiencing back pain, neck pain, tingling or numbness from whiplash or if you are experiencing headaches, stiffness in the neck, sleeping problems, nervousness, fainting , cold feet, cold sweats, tension, irritability, chest pain, dizziness, pins and needles in the arms, loss of smell, fever, pins and needles in the legs, numbness in fingers, numbness in toes, shortness of breath, fatigue, depression, loss of taste, upset stomach, loss of memory, ears ringing, buzzing in ears, or loss of balance, call Dr. Dickason to help align your body back into position so that your body can begin the healing process and prevent long term pain and damage from your accident.

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