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Joseph D., Systems Engineer

I contacted Dr. Dickason, D.C. in February of 2009 for the relief of lower back pain. I have had a numb feeling in my lower back since a hunting trip in 1997 when I fell down the side of a mountain about 20 feet. After seeing numerous orthopedists, physical therapists and one other chiropractor I would initially experience a relief of the numbness and associated pain in my legs, but the condition would eventually return. I was referred to Dr. Dickason in January of 2009 by a friend. It took me awhile to go to see Dr. Dickason because I felt I would just be wasting my time. However, from the very first visit I have experienced a return of feeling in my lower back and no longer have pain shooting down my legs after sitting for long periods. My other chiropractor would always ask where I felt pain and concentrate on that area , but with Dr. Dickason he seems to know which part of the body is in pain "without telling him" and treats you accordingly. I would recommend Dr. Clint Dickason to anyone that is not seeing results with their current treatment or doctor.

Erin M., Realtor

Thank you so much Dr. Dickason for changing my life. I have been suffering from severe back pain for close to a year. It would wake me up and keep me up at night as well as affect my ability to pick up my 7 month old son and play with my daughter. Since you have become the Chiropractor for the Castle Rock 'n' Rollers Roller Derby Team my life has completely changed. I now sleep through the night comfortably and wake up ready to live my life with all of its demands. I cannot tell you what a difference you have made for me and my family! You are the best!

Cliff M., Business Owner

I can't remember my right shoulder without a dull ache in it. My elbows have ached and been sore for 15 years. I think the elbow pain comes from 5 years of building fences. I saw a physician for my elbows and he said there was nothing he could do other than cortizone shots every so often. He told me to find a new profession. I met Dr. Dickason at a local trade show and now, having been his patient for a while, my elbows and shoulder do not have the dull ache in them anymore. As a matter of fact, they feel better than they have in fifteen years. Not only that; I feel better all around.

Lindsey M., Office AssistantLindseyManning003.jpg

My parents referred me to Dickason Chiropractic and I came in for the first time mainly for preventive care. My neck gives me some trouble, due to a fall from a horse about ten years ago. I went to another chiropractor for a while, but never felt much better. My results with Dr. Dickason have been great! I can turn my head again without a burning sensation and my lower back hardly ever hurts now. The most interesting part of experience, though, is my foot, which has been broken for over a year and a half due to a vascular necrosis. I can walk on it again virtually pain-free. Having a healthy spine means having a healthier body. I have had so many unexpected positive results! I recommend Dr. Dickason to everyone.

Larry H., Shift Operator

I believe my lower back pain was caused by a trip and fall. I was in constant discomfort and occasional severe pain. I took ibuprofen and worked around it, waiting for it to subside by itself. On the advice of my brother and sister, both who have had severe back problems, I came to Dickason Chiropractic. After a week, the pain was gone! I had a recurrence later, but instead of months, it only took three days to relieve my pain. Most amazingly, I woke up one morning and realized that the sinus problems I had been dealing with since 1990 were gone. I no longer was stuffed up ever morning. My throat was clear and I no longer had problems swallowing.

Travis M., Cable Tech

Although I don't know the cause, I've had constant headaches and neck tightness for years. It finally got bad enough to seek help. I went to my family doctor and tried physical therapy, but got no results. Now, I feel much better and hardly ever have headaches anymore.

Robin Y., Secretary

Since my car accident in 2003, I've had neck pain and headaches. I had seen other doctors for treatment and got good results initially, but the benefits diminished over time. I met Dr. Dickason during a screening in front of WalMart. My results as Dr. Dickason's patient have been great! Far fewer headaches and my neck is no longer stiff.

Keith W., Retired

My left leg hadn't worked right for a while. I stumbled on stairs. I've had neck surgery in the past and I've been waiting for them to decide when to do lower back surgery to get mobility back in my leg. I feel lucky to have found Dr. Dickason, because now I can do stairs; no stumbling. I have much more motion and mobility.

Jackie T., Dental Tech

I had been treated by an orthopedist and a physical therapist for lower back pain, right hip pain, plus left rotator cuff and neck pain. They helped a little, but mostly got pain medication. I met Dr. Dickason at a screening and decided to begin care. The results are excellent. My shoulder pain is completely gone. I can now walk and sit without pain.

Danielle N., Pharmacy TechDNutter.JPG

My daughter and I were involved in an auto accident. Or vehicle was completely totaled. My whole left side was injured; my back and neck also. My daughter hit her head and started having headaches daily. Prior to Dickason Chiropractic, I had seen another chiropractor for minor back pain, with no results. When I visited Dr. Dickason for the first time, I was skeptical. I had it set in my head that a chiropractor just aligned your back. Was I surprised to hear that not only could he help my back and neck, but he could also help my daughter with her headaches.

At the beginning, I could barely walk, but I didn't want to take medications to mask the pain. By the end of the first month of chiropractic care, I enjoyed my first pain-free day. Within a few weeks, I could put my weight on my left hip.

I will continue seeing Dr. Dickason until I am back to feeling like me for as long as that takes. He got me through my pain. Thank you for helping me and my daughter.

Glenna T.

My right leg has become progressively more painful, above and below the knee area, when standing up. I'm unable to run anymore. This began with very slight discomfort about three years ago. When I was unable to lift my right knee more than 5 inches, I decided I needed to see a chiropractor. After only one adjustment, I was able to lift my right knee while standing and put my sock on without discomfort.

Scotty M., Musician & Internet MarketerScottyMan.JPG

My elbows were in pain a lot. They were hard to move, especially in the morning. I think it was caused by splitting wood and running lawn equipment. It was at a point where not being able to use them was depressing me a littleā€¦ okay, a lot! I tried acupuncture for the pain, but it was hit-or-miss; also I didn't stick with it like I should have. For the last 3 to 4 months, since coming to see Dr. Dickason, I haven't thought about my elbows. My headaches are a thing of the past too. Visiting Dickason Chiropractic is a pleasant experience. I like showing up early, just for the education. I highly recommend Dr. Dickason.

Tivy C., Ranch Manager

For seven years or so, I would get shingles, off and on, two or three times a month. At times the pain was so severe I couldn't walk or get up without help. I went to a physician several times. I didn't want to take the medications because of all the side effects. Since becoming Dr. Dickason's patient, my shingles are less frequent and the pain is not as severe as it used to be. I have tried everything, but did not have even close to the results I have had at Dickason Chiropractic. Dr. Dickason has been a life-saver for me and my family. Shingles used to control my life. Now, I am in control, thanks to Dr. Dickason.

Alexa N., StudentIMG_1438.JPG

After the auto accident, I was having real bad headaches five to six times a day.  I was having trouble doing my homework.  Dr. Dickason said he could help me and he did.  I only have headaches one or two times a week now.  I like coming to see Dr. Dickason.  He is so funny.  He makes me laugh.  I'm a kid, so I don't like going to doctors.  But I do like to feel better and I like to laugh, so I wanna keep coming to Dr. D's.  Thank you!

Debi M., Business Owner

I've had a sore, stiff neck caused by repeated injuries since high school. Sometimes it's been so bad I couldn't turn my head to the left. I've been to an orthopedist who said I'd just have to live with it. He gave me valium for the pain. Dr. Dickason has worked on it with noticeable results. I can now turn my head completely without pain. The grinding sound is gone too. We are currently working on a sore shoulder and making progress. I also appreciate Dr. Dickason's nutritional guidance and support.

Ule L., PhotographerJordana_and_Mommy.jpg

Pregnancy had always guaranteed one thing: back pain and lots of it. With my first two pregnancies, my sciatica would get so bad that I would get "stuck" in the seated position. The pain, whenever I moved, was next to unbearable. I began seeing Dr. Dickason when I was approximately 20 weeks pregnant with my third child. Dr. Dickason provided relief for me such that I didn't experience a single disabling episode. In fact, I was pain-free for the rest of my pregnancy! The results of chiropractic care during pregnancy were astounding. I highly recommend all pregnant women seek such care.

Abbey L., Student

I've been coming to see Dr. Dickason for about a year because of headaches and back problems. My Grandma referred me to this office. I have had great results. I don't have as many headaches and my back is way better!

Brandon M., Student

My back started hurting 4 months ago. It would get real tight when I skated. Eventually I had to sit straight and walk straight. I even had a hard time breathing. I felt like an old man. As Dr. Dickason's patient, my results have been great. My back doesn't hurt as much anymore. I can breathe easier. I can run and play sports without my back hurting.

Amy H., Homemaker

I have had horrible migrane headaches. My doctor put me on medications, but no treatment to keep them from occurring. As Dr. Dickason's patient I haven't had a single migrane headache. I've also enjoyed more energy, plus no more neck and shoulder pain.

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